The ease with which a person can blend in to the background is astonishing. Those among us with intentions that stray beyond the norm have the luxury, or the burden, of being able to blend in among the sheep. In front of you, beside you is a living breathing and working mind. Victim or aggressor. Predator or prey. There is a cloak of humanity that we are all sheltered under that makes for an interesting study for the right mind.

I’m just like you, in almost every way. I’ve made eye contact with you; I’ve held doors open for your women and children. I’ve picked up items you’ve dropped and handed them back to you, and you treat me as if I am one of you. You don’t know what I’m capable of, the power that I am ready, willing and able to unleash on fellow ‘human beings’. If you did know those fleeting glances, momentary displays of common ‘kindness’ would be few and far between.

Anonymity is the cloak I have decided to don. It makes what I have to do easier for me and it leaves the sheep unaware of the dangers that face them on a day to day basis. If our intentions were branded on us like cattle we’d seldom leave our places of residence. There are more like me than you think. Granted, not as talented as I, but we do exist. Closer than you think. You’re awkward glances on public transport have probably gazed upon the eyes of one like me.

Fear not, what is meant to be will be. Prey are often prey before they are even aware there is a predator.

Think of it as an honour, of all the sheep you have been selected for sacrifice.

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