I wouldn’t call what happened in our last session a breakthrough, but I am glad to report that my patient might have finally let me in somewhat. Even though it is only a slight insight into his mind, this kernel of information is better than nothing and it means perhaps he is beginning to trust me, and trust is the first step to him allowing me to try and cure him of his sickness.

You realise somebody is trying to reach out to you when they offer information to you without you needing to ask and that is what started to happen. Often in the beginning, those first few sessions, it is a lot of me asking questions and a patient answering those questions very measuredly and abruptly. Eventually there is no need to ask question and information is shared confidently and freely and that is what happened in my last session.

I did not feel as though he was showing off, or attempting to scare me, he just wanted me to understand what is going through his head, and once I feel I have a grasp of that we can continue on to find the right course of actions.

I came away from those first few sessions believing somewhere deep inside of me, that this man was beyond my help. And if he were beyond my help I struggle to see where any help could come from, but now after knowing what I now know, I believe I can help this man.

I am the man for the job.

Dr. Bill Harvey

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