Today’s session was probably the most interesting I have had to date with the honourable and good Doctor. If I were to describe it in a word or two, it would simply be ‘eye-opening’

Today’s session felt more like a conversation than a session between a doctor and his patient. He asked about some strange things he has been seeing in and around London and I was more than shocked when he showed me this picture.

My own doctor is beginning to see my reach

Clearly not only is my reach growing, it is starting to touch those I know and I have to admit, I felt flattered and slightly embarrassed. How am I to receive the help I need when my own doctor is beginning to view me as more or different than I actually am? The lines are beginning to be blurred and this cannot be good for either of us.

I will keep you posted and if there are any interesting developments my adoring public will be the first to know.

Bob Bishman