On my way to work today, I stumbled across something, and as many around me looked on and had no idea what they were seeing, I was struck with an internal pain I had never felt before. I knew that my patient was dangerous, but this may simply be more than I can handle.

My patient is developing a sick following

It’s one thing to have patient whose actions are reprehensible, but to find that not only are his actions noted but adored by some sick fan (or possibly more), it truly turns the stomach. My efforts have to increase to help this person, or I fear that not only will his actions ramp up but he will have copycats, develop a following, a cult, and people will worship at the altar of his madness.

Speaking today, I found myself asking more questions than ever before, trying to dig deeper into the mind and find a cure, a way out of this cycle as quickly as possible. Slow and steady wins the race but in this case I feel I may not be afforded that time.

The smirks during our sessions sickened me and I feel as though the patient may be trying to strike up a friendship and I simply cannot let that be. Healing needs to occur, and once it does, distance must be kept between us.

Dr. Bill Harvey