Friendship is something I am most certainly not looking for, and I would not like to call what the Doctor and I have a friendship, but I will admit I enjoy talking to him more than I thought I would. I would have assumed somebody hearing the things I told them would be calling for […]

As of now, I have decided that I may not be accepting new clients. I will not be dropping my current ones, but until this patient is cured and/or has this urge and rage inside of him under control, I cannot afford to take on new clients at the risk of taking any energy away […]

As I begin to read about myself in reports and the amount of column inches I am racking up slowly grows, I fear that I may begin to be compared to others who have tried and succeeded in my field and I would simply like to address one thing – there is no competition. I […]

It may be time to finally leave this place I have called home for a while. I fully understand and have come to terms with the fact that my ‘circumstances’ will never allow me to stay in one place for too long, but this time might be the shortest of all. My name and my […]

Something that people in my line of ‘work’ have to face is something that is often only reserved for the rich and famous. I have people who are so enamoured with me and what I do that I have copycats, fakers and people making a mockery of me and what I do. It’s one of […]