On my way to work today, I stumbled across something, and as many around me looked on and had no idea what they were seeing, I was struck with an internal pain I had never felt before. I knew that my patient was dangerous, but this may simply be more than I can handle. It’s […]

Today’s session was probably the most interesting I have had to date with the honourable and good Doctor. If I were to describe it in a word or two, it would simply be ‘eye-opening’ Today’s session felt more like a conversation than a session between a doctor and his patient. He asked about some strange […]

I was sitting on a park bench this afternoon, watching the unknowing and ignorant walk past me and I began to wonder to myself, “What makes the perfect victim?” Clearly, people are living in simple bliss, not knowing a monster is among them, so how does this monster decide what makes for a perfect victim. […]

It’s a part of my training as a therapist. I had to take mandatory psychotherapy myself before I was granted my PhD, and it’s normal. You need to understand what it’s like on the other side of that table, to be the one sitting or lying down on that couch to fully be able to […]

I’ve never been one to seek the council of others. My actions need no justification, nor do they need validation or praise, but to have somebody to speak to cannot be a complete waste of time. Finding the person to speak to is a risk. One step too far and they go from being a […]