If I were to be completely honest, up until this point I haven’t had many, if any clients who have tested my skills and my expertise to this level. In order to keep the doctor/patient confidentiality agreement in place, no names will be used, but I’m struggling to even do that. The things I’ve heard, […]

I’m not quite sure if I can consider myself a celebrity right now. Everywhere I turn there are homages to my greatness spray painted on the ground, followers on social network websites and now I come to find out that my tales have reached number one on the Bestsellers list. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/bestsellers/digital-text/ref=pd_dp_ts_kinc_1 To make my daily […]

The hysteria seems to have spread past the morbid curiosity of the everyday person. People have now taken to spreading my message through the visual arts. I knew that there more like me, all it takes is for one case to come to the light and the pandemonium begins. Some may consider it paying homage. […]

So it appears to be proving a little more popular that I would have imagined..All this ballyhoo about serial killers, murderers and a few of my friends and associates.. Rather amusing I think.. If you believe that sort of thing… They tell me that John’s accounts are being taken rather seriously amongst them that are in […]

Criminal Psychologists have found that there are three major warning signs for the root causes of a serial killer. These three red flags are called the “psychological triad” which incorporates bed-wetting, fire starting, and animal torture…. Yea.. whatever