It’s a part of my training as a therapist. I had to take mandatory psychotherapy myself before I was granted my PhD, and it’s normal. You need to understand what it’s like on the other side of that table, to be the one sitting or lying down on that couch to fully be able to […]

So it appears to be proving a little more popular that I would have imagined..All this ballyhoo about serial killers, murderers and a few of my friends and associates.. Rather amusing I think.. If you believe that sort of thing… They tell me that John’s accounts are being taken rather seriously amongst them that are in […]

Today was a day I have been waiting for longer than you could possibly imagine. A little birdie let me know that my story is proving popular. I guess there are more people like me than I thought. People like to pretend people like me sicken them. Among their friends they’re quick to brand people […]

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Criminal Psychologists have found that there are three major warning signs for the root causes of a serial killer. These three red flags are called the “psychological triad” which incorporates bed-wetting, fire starting, and animal torture…. Yea.. whatever

Supposedly, the level of violence, blood, gore, sex, pornography, child abuse, and filth is so high that some people simply cannot stand the fact that such a book is out there. Some nuns started taking series action to ban the book, including talking to authorities and the press. Well, you just have to watch it: