As of now, I have decided that I may not be accepting new clients. I will not be dropping my current ones, but until this patient is cured and/or has this urge and rage inside of him under control, I cannot afford to take on new clients at the risk of taking any energy away from the mammoth task that lies ahead of me.

To be completely honest, I’ve even found myself slightly neglecting the patients I already do have in order to focus. A patient came to see me today and I completely forgot that I had them booked and almost forgot why they were coming to see me in the first place. I just cannot get this other patient out of my mind. It has really put other patients and people in my life into perspective.

Some of the problems we think and say we have pale in comparison. The little everyday things we do that make us think we a ‘crazy’ are absolutely nothing compared to some of the things I’ve heard recently. Really, I should thank this patient; every other patient will be a walk in the park compared to this. He’s made my job in the future much easier, but this all depends on whether I can truly help him.

If this works, I may just go down in history and medical books will be writing about me for years to come.

Dr. Bill Harvey