Live Creep Demonstration

This past week members of our team pushed the boundaries even further to help promote John T. Foster’s ‘The Creep’ by taking to the London streets to demonstrate against the tyrannical serial killer Bob Bishman. In a stunt that drew eyes and made new fans people protested and asked for the extradition of serial killer Bob Bishman from England’s shores.

Live Protest

The book has been doing well this far, after being available for free for it’s first week of release, shot straight to #1 on Amazon’s Free Best Seller list and remained there for some time. Now available to purchase from the Amazon and Kindle store, sales have started well and this stunt is sure to help substantially.

Fans enjoying and taking pictures of The Creep Live Protest

To purchase your copy visit and be a part of something that has London and the rest of the world talking.

The Creep Team

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