It may be time to finally leave this place I have called home for a while. I fully understand and have come to terms with the fact that my ‘circumstances’ will never allow me to stay in one place for too long, but this time might be the shortest of all. My name and my face may not be known, but it is clear that my actions are starting to draw attention and the wrong kind of attention at that. This attention is going to make the continuation of my life’s work difficult.

The time it takes to get comfortable in a place so that your movements are one with the surroundings is stressful, but complacency will probably lead to my capture or worse. I feel that I must bid this place farewell for it may be the death of me. Where I go next is going to be a difficult choice.

Do I throw a dart at a map and go wherever fate takes me, or should I be more calculating with my choice. And once I leave a place does it mean I am never to return. That would be a bitter pill to swallow. Once a bomb has been dropped it is only natural for the marksman to double back and witness the destruction he has caused.

One more look wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Bob BIshman