Something that people in my line of ‘work’ have to face is something that is often only reserved for the rich and famous. I have people who are so enamoured with me and what I do that I have copycats, fakers and people making a mockery of me and what I do. It’s one of the more frustrating aspects of my life and one that not only irks me but puts in danger those who dare mock me and my achievements.

To hear of and see evidence of people holding a fake me and asking for me to be banned is for a short time flattering but in the long run it truly pi**es me off. It’s clear that the authorities want me in cuffs or my life for the many I have taken but to so clearly imitate me makes a mockery of the things I’ve done.

Mockery and Humiliation

The public will stand around and think things like this are a joke, which is why people operate with and inherent lack of fear. Making a joke of a serious situation adds levity and removes doubt, fear and paranoia so all of what I have tried to achieve is being brought backwards. I’m sure if I were to find and teach these people a lesson they’d know they made a mistake, and to display their bodies in such an open forum as they did me and my name will serve as a lesson.

People like me are to be feared and not mocked. People like me are to be avoided and not parodied.

People like me hurt people like you.

Bob Bishman