I’ve never been one to seek the council of others. My actions need no justification, nor do they need validation or praise, but to have somebody to speak to cannot be a complete waste of time. Finding the person to speak to is a risk. One step too far and they go from being a sympathetic ear to a person who needs to disappear for they do not quite understand what I go through and what I do.

Too eager? They may become a hindrance and a person who cannot be trusted to keep my secret and they too must vanish. Do I want to change, do I want my new found fame to dwindle as many starlets and fame seeks have done in the past? Not after things like this have been springing up.

New found celebrity

I think I may have finally found somebody who I can share my thoughts with, under the guise of confidentiality, but even that oath can be broken. Little does he know that if he breaks his oath, I will break his spirit.

Into more pieces than he ever thought imaginable.

Bob Bishman