I’ve finally taken a large step in finding a way to cure my most troublesome and dangerous patient. I’ve decided I have to take a full leap and instead of trying to just simply see things from their perspective I need to live their perspective.

I started walking the streets and began to try and view things the way that this client does and it was more than an eye opening experience. It was a rush, a rush that I have never felt before and doubt I will feel again. It scared me, thrilled me and made me feel alive all at once and it may prove to be an addictive feeling. Instead of heading straight home I spent an extra hour on the streets following people around, seeing just how easy it would be to get away with certain acts if I felt inclined to do so.

It made me wonder; why are there not more like this patient? Why is it only the few of us who choose to do these things? It truly must be an imbalance, a mental and chemical thing because the ease with which a person could target, take and have their way with a victim is frightening.

People do not understand how vulnerable they are in this world and how easy it can be for their short lives to come to an even shorter end.

Maybe I should take another walk around to…clear my head.

Dr. Bill Harvey

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