I was sitting on a park bench this afternoon, watching the unknowing and ignorant walk past me and I began to wonder to myself, “What makes the perfect victim?” Clearly, people are living in simple bliss, not knowing a monster is among them, so how does this monster decide what makes for a perfect victim. To the unknowing, people like me take their rage out on random people, the ‘unlucky’, but it’s more than that. These people aren’t ‘unlucky’, they’re chosen, so, how do I choose them?

Do I follow my predecessors in serial infamy and follow a pattern, which eventually leads to their downfall. As much as I enjoy the faux celebrity that follows my path of destruction, it would do me no good to get caught so, no, no patterns.

I like to choose victims based on a feeling I get when I see them, you can consider it a twisted take on ‘love at first sight’ Victims look like victims to me as soon as I see them, they have a glow about them, just as a young couple has a glow surrounding them. You may not know it but you give off an aura when your life is ripe for the taking, and I’ve yet to regret one of my choices, as the last breath of life left their soon to be life and soulless bodies, I knew I was justified.

There really is no perfect victim, just as there is no one soul mate. People are in your life for a season, and it just so happens that I enter lives as those seasons are coming to a close.

Bob Bishman

It’s a part of my training as a therapist. I had to take mandatory psychotherapy myself before I was granted my PhD, and it’s normal. You need to understand what it’s like on the other side of that table, to be the one sitting or lying down on that couch to fully be able to attempt to heal another person. It’s an exercise in empathy but it’s also a way for you to exercise your own demons before trying to do so for someone else.

After that point, it becomes easy to separate the work from you but after my client spoke to me today I discovered that the things they told me were sticking with me longer than most. I found myself walking out of my office looking at people through his eyes and I couldn’t shake it. The things this patient does are wrong, heinous, and absolutely criminal but I just can’t help but be in his shoes after hearing what I’ve heard.

If I decide to go in and speak to somebody, where will the cycle end? I have to ensure that the cycle ends with me so I know I have a responsibility to cure this patient. An absolute cure. The fate of many is in my hands.

Dr. Bill Harvey

I’ve never been one to seek the council of others. My actions need no justification, nor do they need validation or praise, but to have somebody to speak to cannot be a complete waste of time. Finding the person to speak to is a risk. One step too far and they go from being a sympathetic ear to a person who needs to disappear for they do not quite understand what I go through and what I do.

Too eager? They may become a hindrance and a person who cannot be trusted to keep my secret and they too must vanish. Do I want to change, do I want my new found fame to dwindle as many starlets and fame seeks have done in the past? Not after things like this have been springing up.

New found celebrity

I think I may have finally found somebody who I can share my thoughts with, under the guise of confidentiality, but even that oath can be broken. Little does he know that if he breaks his oath, I will break his spirit.

Into more pieces than he ever thought imaginable.

Bob Bishman

If I were to be completely honest, up until this point I haven’t had many, if any clients who have tested my skills and my expertise to this level. In order to keep the doctor/patient confidentiality agreement in place, no names will be used, but I’m struggling to even do that.

The things I’ve heard, the things he (or she) has told me, I’ve struggled to keep a grip on my sanity. I’ve had troubled clients in the past, even clients who’ve done horrible things, all of them I could handle. But to have a client who stays on your mind as much as mine does now is starting to worry me. I’ve never doubted my skills or what I can do for people; there is just a sense of urgency with my client now.

Help is certainly needed, and I wish they had come to me sooner. Things may not have gotten this bad had he (or she) come to me before the…sickness took a hold of them. I know that I can do this, but I’ve never been pushed to the brink this early and this quickly.

Someone needs to help this person, and if it’s not me, I truly believe this person cannot be helped, and nobody is beyond help.

This is my cross to bear.

Dr. Bill Harvey

I’m not quite sure if I can consider myself a celebrity right now. Everywhere I turn there are homages to my greatness spray painted on the ground, followers on social network websites and now I come to find out that my tales have reached number one on the Bestsellers list.


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