The hysteria seems to have spread past the morbid curiosity of the everyday person. People have now taken to spreading my message through the visual arts. I knew that there more like me, all it takes is for one case to come to the light and the pandemonium begins.

Homage Being Paid

Some may consider it paying homage. Some may see them as lightweights or copycats, afraid to try their hand at the real thing. I like to consider it recognising greatness. All of the best artists had their imitators and I consider it a great honour to have my works spread I places I’ve yet to grace with my presence.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

You should be on the lookout for more of these works of art. Apparently they’re everywhere.

Who knew somebody like me could  be so popular.

So it appears to be proving a little more popular that I would have imagined..All this ballyhoo about serial killers, murderers and a few of my friends and associates.. Rather amusing I think.. If you believe that sort of thing…

They tell me that John’s accounts are being taken rather seriously amongst them that are in the know..

Actually, they’ve said that there might be a film in the offing? Well let me tell you my friends.. I know a thing or two about film-making.. And I might just be looking for a few stars and starlets of my own.. So do keep in touch

Today was a day I have been waiting for longer than you could possibly imagine. A little birdie let me know that my story is proving popular. I guess there are more people like me than I thought.

People like to pretend people like me sicken them. Among their friends they’re quick to brand people like me “crazy”, “unstable” or down right “psychopathic” but numbers do not lie. It hasn’t been that long and the amount of people trying to learn more about me and what makes me tick is astonishing.

By days end who knows where we’ll end up. Who knew somebody as humble and…goal driven as I am would develop a following. To know me is to love me and clearly you people want to know me.

As long as you recognise that this doesn’t make you any less of a target we can come to some sort of understanding. Your death may still come but I’ll make sure it’s slow.

Join the rest of my fans and learn about me.


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Sometimes when your mind is done in by booze and drugs, the subconcious mind works a hell of a lot better.

Visualizing a massacre is so much easier when the distractions of every day crap is taken from your mind, however that is done. Personally I prefer drink and drugs.. only then can the subconcious operate freely, it can move around without distraction, to plan to devise a strategy and to see exactly how it’s going to go down.

“Smell the smell, taste the taste, imagine it as if it has already happened”, because it has.

I’m a serial killer.. so live with it.. (geddit?)

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Empathy is something that most, if not all human beings are born with. The ability to look upon the suffering and others and feel their pain should not be taken for granted. Some of us are born without it. And in some cases, some are born with it but develop the ability to ignore it for “selfish purposes”.

“Selfish” is a strong word. We all live our lives attempting to make ourselves happy, so why is one man’s well-being paramount to another’s. If there’s something you can do to make yourself feel good, should you not seek out such things? That is where I find myself on a regular basis. I have found the joy in others misery. Either by suppressing my “empathy” or indeed, being born without it, my joy comes through your pain.

Slow at times, and as painful as anything you may have ever felt, you can take comfort in knowing this satisfies me more than it hurts you. Your pain is for my greater good, which is better than most can offer. Accidents happen, fits of rage can often end in the taking of a life but how many can say their demise served as great a purpose as this.

You have been chosen and it is an honour you should not take lightly.

Remember: Your misery is my joy


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