Today was a day I have been waiting for longer than you could possibly imagine. A little birdie let me know that my story is proving popular. I guess there are more people like me than I thought.

People like to pretend people like me sicken them. Among their friends they’re quick to brand people like me “crazy”, “unstable” or down right “psychopathic” but numbers do not lie. It hasn’t been that long and the amount of people trying to learn more about me and what makes me tick is astonishing.

By days end who knows where we’ll end up. Who knew somebody as humble and…goal driven as I am would develop a following. To know me is to love me and clearly you people want to know me.

As long as you recognise that this doesn’t make you any less of a target we can come to some sort of understanding. Your death may still come but I’ll make sure it’s slow.

Join the rest of my fans and learn about me.


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