Just because you don’t understand what a painting represents, it doesn’t mean it’s not art. Unconventional strokes on a canvas, the use of light and dark. There is a reason behind every dot, line, stroke and smudge.

Just because you don’t see what I mean to do, what I mean to achieve with my work, doesn’t make it any less justified. Am I wrong? Or have you just not seen what I am trying to do yet? All will be revealed in due time. The greatest artists of all time were left to work until their masterpieces were unleashed to the world and what I have in store is sure to be a masterpiece.

Just because my canvas is more…alive than the standard, doesn’t make it more or less spectacular than the standard works. There have been many eras in the world of art. Renaissance, pointillism, gothic…how I love gothic. November 4th marks the start of a new era.

The vision is clear to me, and soon it will be to you too.

Trust me; there is method to the madness


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